Pilgrim Hat Cookies For Thanksgiving


Serve these simple Pilgrim Hat cookie treats this Thanksgiving and watch the kids gobble them down.


1 package fudge striped cookies
1 bag miniature peanut butter cups
1 tube white cake decorator icing gel
1 box Fruit by the Foot or 1 pkg. tiny size Chiclets


1. Place the number of Cookies you want to create on a flat surface or tray upside down.

2. Unwrap the number of miniature peanut butter cups you will need.

3. Use the White tube decorator gel to draw a circle on the back of the fudge striped cookie (around the open whole) place one miniature peanut butter cup onto the circle.

4. For the buckle add either one piece of orange Chiclets gum or cut out tiny squares from your fruit by the foot and place on the cookie to look like the buckle.


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