How to have a Stress-Less Holiday

by Leslie Pleasants

24/7 MOMS Team Member

You want to be able to enjoy all of the holidays, one at a time. However, the stores don’t want you to work that way. Halloween had not even arrived and out the Christmas decorations came. Then Halloween is over and now they are playing Christmas music in the stores. So, now you just want to focus on Thanksgiving… but should you be buying Christmas decorations… gifts?? It can be a little stressful. You don’t want to miss by waiting and then its gone. But you have a budget for Thanksgiving and buying Christmas stuff isn’t really in the budget right now. What to do?? Does it stress you out and at the same time put you in a happy sugar wonderland place?

Organize Yourself:

1. Keep a list of everything that you want to buy for Thanksgiving. Start buying them as they go on sale and check them off the list. You will start to feel more accomplished!.

2. Delegate: Email or call your family members that are coming over and let them know what food items that you still need. I am sure they will be more then happy to help you out.

3. Start a Christmas Gift Journal: Each page is for a person in your family. This is where you can start brainstorming ideas on what gifts to get them. Once you buy the gift make a little check mark by it with the dollar amount that you spent. Once you wrapped it then highlight the check mark. This is a great way to stay on top of your spending!.

4. Find a spot in your house to start gathering all your Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. Keep a bin for each. Start placing non-perishable food in them, decorations for the table, etc… This way its all in one spot. For Christmas items it can be for gifts that you slowly start to purchase… little stocking stuffers, etc…

5. Start a calendar for November and December. This is going to be your to-do-list. Start putting in things like get turkey on November 15th, Make place cards on the 21st, Make pumpkin pie on November 24th, etc.. Then cross it off as you go. If you miss a day of doing or getting something at least you know you still need to do it. Get your kids involved. Print out a blank calendar. They can put in the dates for you and decorate it with stickers around the edge of paper.

Remember… there will always be chaos around you during the holidays. Your kids, husband, family members. Not to mention your every day routine. Just remember that the holidays is supposed to be fun and meaningful. Take time to pray and take time for yourself. Don’t double book anything and remember to enjoy every minute of it. Everything will work out… it always does. 🙂

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