Grab a Binder It’s Time To Plan

Years ago I created the Novotny Christmas planner (binder) to organize and keep track of our families Christmas celebrations. Using my planner (binder) has allowed me to keep track each year of who I bought for, what I gave them, what traditions we celebrated, activities we participated in, recipes we used and even pictures of how we decorated our home. It has been the one resource that simplifies Christmas in my home.

After 10 years of using the same planner I decided it was time to update it with a fresh look and new planner sheets.

I came across dozens of ideas and thought I would share a few resources and ideas with you in case you are in need of creating your own Christmas planner or ready to update your existing one.

Create a Christmas notebook

Grab an empty binder and download this prefect cover and other FREE downloadables and create your very own planner with simple step by step instructions.

Click here for downloads and instructions.




Customized Planner
Family Fun’s customized Holiday Planner, neatly divided by topic, with pockets for stashing various memorabilia. It organizes the entire season into one three-ring binder. Click here to read the entire how to article.

An alternative idea to the Binder planner:


Composition Notebook Christmas Planner

The DIY composition notebook Christmas planner from Eighteen25. Click here for complete instructions on making your own Christmas planner using an inexpensive composition notebook.

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