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Rok Works Construction & Action Set

ROK Works may be the best way to start your Rokenbok world. It has everything you need to build a vibrant, interactive construction site. Put the remote control Loader to work with the included ROK Star Controller. Steer it left and right. Spin it. Back it up. Scoop, haul, and dump. Then dump a load of ROK balls into the Motorized Conveyor and watch it come to life, automatically. ROKs are lifted into a chute system where they are sorted and stored in spring-loaded dumping bins. All ready for the next pick-up!

Designed to be a home base, this set is the best starting point for anyone looking to create a dynamic, expandable Rokenbok world. ROK Works includes a broad selection of Rokenbok building pieces. The Monorail, Forklift, and ROK Lift are especially easy to add when you’re ready to expand your Rokenbok world.

What has two microprocessors, three motors, working headlights and four-wheel drive? The Rokenbok Loader, of course! Rokenbok remote control machines are tough, real working equipment. They are built for rough play, crashes, and spills. This is is not an ordinary remote control toy, but a precise and very rugged ROK Star controlled robot. ROK Star machines are smart too. They won’t interfere with each other so that you can add as many ROK Star machines and controllers as you want to your Rokenbok world.

ROK Blocks Preschool Building Set (3yrs plus)

Our revolutionary blocks let beginning builders make their own ideas come to life. Unlike other preschool blocks, ROK Blocks allow children to build three-dimensional working models – trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, and more. And creations stay together for playtime!

The play value is built right in. Most preschool building blocks are molded in one piece to save cost. Each ROK Block, however, is molded in two separate pieces—and then ultrasonically welded together. This allowed us to design blocks that assemble in thousands more combinations than traditional blocks, stacking both up and out in three dimensions. These building blocks make it impossible for an imaginative child to grow bored. Compatible with all other Rokenbok sets, a child can use ROK Blocks as part of their most advanced Rokenbok creation ten years from now.

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WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Rokenboks are giving away a ROK Blocks Preschool Building Set and a Rok Works Construction & Action Set.

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