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This Christmas, instead of buying a new bike for your children who haven’t learned how to ride one yet, get them a GlideBike that will teach them to ride. Say goodbye to training wheels forever. Kids just love GlideBikes because they’re the fun easy way to learn balance.

Kids tend to teeter back and forth on training wheels never learning proper balance. When the training wheels finally come off, they lose their balance and inevitably fall, repeatedly. This potentially dangerous scenario is all too common and it scares many kids into not wanting to ride.

GlideBikes Inc, an American Company and maker of the popular European balance bike, has the solution to this problem. A balance bike is a smaller, lower bicycle (starting at 12” seat height) with no pedals that is constructed in a way that will allow children starting at two years old to learn two-wheel balance. Kids learn to balance safely without tears or training wheels and can start slowly by “walking” the bike without pedals getting in the way. Within a short period of time, they are confidently gliding along, balancing upright on two wheels.

Glide Bikes are extremely lightweight and feature 65° seat and head tube angles designed to give the bike the slowest balancing speed possible (1.5 mph), making them the safest balance bikes on the market. Not even the models manufactured in Europe, where balance bikes have been for decades, can claim such a low balance speed. Typical road bikes use 70-71° seat and head tube angles and require a faster balance speed.

Glide Bikes also feature strategically-placed foot pegs that allow children to feel comfortable when gliding, much like resting your feet on actual bike pedals. They are made of premium materials and are tested for quality assurance on a regular basis by Inventor Ed Mondello and his own children.

There are three GlideBike models for children of all ages:

· The Mini Glider (ages 2-5, up to 100 lbs.)

· The Go Glider (ages 5-10, up to 125 lbs.)

· The Super Glider (Ages 10 +, up to 250 lbs. and perfect for older special needs children)

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Glide Bike and giving away a Mini Glider.

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