The NO Invite rejection hits again.

It is another NO invite to the party day…..

Today was another “Why does my child have to be the one who walks the road again facing yet another Birthday Party that he is not invited to?” Only this time his brother got the invite and he didn’t. I know, I know that is life and when you have multiple children they are not always going to get invited to all of the same parties, sleepovers and activities. But, when you have a puzzle child it breaks your heart to see them face the reality of the no invite arriving.

Unfortunately this time around when the invite arrived, I was not as proactive as I should have been. When my puzzle boy saw the invite on the counter he immediately began asking me if he was invited. Apparently due to my lack of answering him and his social skills still being under construction he took it upon himself to ask the Birthday child himself. He was given the response that he was invited and that the birthday child’s mom just forgot to put his name on the invite.

As Caleb began planning last night with excitement what he would buy for the birthday boy I began to get a bit concerned as to if he was really invited so I made the call – the call that confirmed that there was not a birthday invite for my puzzle boy. Today. I had the fun of explaining to my puzzle boy that he was not invited. Only to now regret allowing his brother the opportunity of attending. But would that have been fair?

Would it have been fair for me to decline the birthday invite all together not allowing the sibling to attend?

Would it be fair to the birthday child to reject the invite because he did not invite both of my boys? Maybe he was given a limit of how many children he could invite

Is it fair to think that when you live in a neighborhood that both your boys would be included in the parties not just one of them?

Today I am re-playing the situation over and over in my head wondering how to handle future No Invite rejections.

I am aware that it is not easy for parents and children to understand a puzzled child like mine – They don’t always appear engaged in the other neighborhood children, they don’t always seem as interested to play a game of tag or go on a bike ride, they don’t often go out seeking your child’s friendship. However, as the mom of a puzzle child I will tell you the excitement these children get when asked to join in that game of tag, when the door bell rings and it is a neighborhood child asking to play with them or when they get an invite to have a sleepover or go to the local park to play. You see Puzzle children love to play , attend parties and have sleepovers just like all children do they just don’t always know how to engage your child and often don’t have the same abilities to play the games your children play. But they are still Children who don’t want to be or feel rejected.

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