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Amy Hannold, 247Moms Frugal Living Editor

Last week, we detailed the less-cutting, less-clutter, savvy ways to everyday couponing. Using filed inserts and our choice of a variety of coupon files, we can save money on everyday items.

Technology has certainly made couponing easier, and what’s even more popular are “clipless” money-saving tools.

I have a mere “beginner” Blackberry, but to be “in the know”, I’m in the process of becoming more “App” savvy.

Those with “smarter” phones or IPhones of that type can mobily find a great deal. Here are a few to check out:

To Answer the Question: Which Should I Buy?

“CompareMe” ($1.99): When you want to know exactly which box/bag of a product is the best buy, or do the math for an advertised discount- it’s at your fingertips (via your iPhone). “Android” phone users can utilize “Unit Price Compare” (Free).

“Clipless Coupons”:
Check with your favorite retailer for clipless coupons loaded onto your loyal shopper/store card.
Chosen and loaded coupons will be deducted with required purchase from your grocery receipt before payment.
Clipless coupons cannot be doubled and can only be used once per product, for the store card you have loaded them to.

Scanning Product Bar Codes with Your Phone: Find a Sale, product Recall, Make Your Grocery List:
Want to Save on a Particular Item? Use your IPhone or Blackberry to scan a barcode using the “Shopper” app.

Texts! Does your favorite store have your number?
Stores such as Target will alert you monthly of exclusive discounts. Show the code to the cashier, and you’re saving money on the spot! or text “COUPONS” to 827438. Visit retailer/dining/attraction websites for similar savings.

Twitter; Your “In” to Super Savings! Are you “following” your favorite places to spend money or time? “” is the link to connecting with “Tweets” which will save you money. Become your city’s “Must Be Followed Shopper”: Tweet those good deals you find to others!

While You’re Out on the Shopping Trail, Increase Your Steps to Health! “iTreadmill”, a .99 cent app for iPhone, will count your steps and give you audio encouragement as you reach your walking goals. “SportyPal” is a free app which transfers your mobile workout distance to a website for visualizing your new habit of excercise.

Best overall tip I’m keeping in mind this coming week? Spend a little of your gift budget on half-price (or less) costumes – they’ll make great gifts for the little ones come Christmas. Google a “do-it-yourself” dress-up trunk ideas and create a great gift for winter days. School supplies at pennies on the dollar may still be found.

Think homemade holidays, playdates are great days to create colorful placemats and wrapping paper to be used for the holidays.

Have Fun!

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