I probably should not tell you this….

Have you ever had a teacher say these words – “I shouldn’t be telling you this”, “Don’t say you heard it from me”, “I can’t answer that” , “I’ve been in trouble in the past for saying to much”and so on?

Why would our teachers be fearful of telling us something that would benefit our children? Do they not consider it their job to educate our children ? To look out for their best interest? To recommend the needed services that would help our children?

Being the mom of a child with special needs I have over the years heard these words come out of teachers mouths leaving me discouraged and frustrated. Wondering what additional information they are withholding from me, wondering why they would not tell me all there is I need to know, why they feel it is not my right as a mom of a child who needs others to advocate for him to be informed of everything?

Today, as I once again heard those words come out of a teachers mouth I wanted to literally scream “Who are you benefiting by NOT telling me, by NOT sharing this apparent insider information, by NOT doing all you can do for a child in need.” Who will win in this situation not the child, not the innocent.

Could they really fire you ( the Teacher) – for telling a parent the truth, telling a parent what services are available or what your child really needs to accommodate their learning challenges?

This has got to STOP we have got to SCREAM…

Is there a gatekeeper above our Teachers watching over them ready to reprimand them if by chance they actually help a child get what they need? If they actually give a child the services they as a professional believe they need?

We as parents need to not only have a voice but use it. Ask questions, advocate for our children, stop accepting the No’s, debate the laws, make change.

I often wonder if a Teacher could be held liable for withholding information on what would be best for a child’s education, for not providing services they believe would be in the best interest of a child, for not advocating for what is right.

Today I stand and say I will NOT stop screaming, stop asking questions, stop advocating until our voices are heard for those without a voice, those without decision making powers, those who are the innocent losing out “Our Children”.

You may be saying “Easier said then done”. I say together we can make a difference in the lives of those with out a voice.

Step 1 : Join mom congress and be part of the Lesson Plan for change www.parenting.com/momcongress.

Step 2: Go see the movie Waiting for Superman ( I have not seen it yet but the reviews say it SCREAMS for making education changes for our kids)

Step 3: Get active – Pick up the October issue of “Parenting – school years” magazine and read the Advocacy tool kit for parents that was developed by myself and 50 fellow MOM congress delegates and begin to use your voice for change.

Let’s SCREAM for change.

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