Halloween Countdown For Kids

My Kids love counting down the days until special events, celebrations even an upcoming sleep over. This year I decided to search for a Halloween countdown to add to our festivities this month.

I came across two fun ones one of which I actually set out to make and my boys are now enjoying counting down the days till Halloween.

This is the one I made from Oopsey Daisy
Let me introduce you to our Halloween advent calendar! The idea is that each day of October, you eat a piece of candy and look forward to Halloween! Mr. Oopsey Daisy doesn’t enjoy sweets all that much, so it’s just lil’ old me! Eat a piece of candy every day?! Yep, I can do that!! Click here for full artciel and step by step instructions.

Here is a 2nd one it is from Craft Critters that looks like a fun project that kids will enjoy counting the days till Halloween with. Click here for complete step by step instructions.

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