Go BOOing With Your Kids

Have you been BOO’d?

For the past 16 years the booing tradition has continued in both neighborhoods that we have lived in. It is SIMPLE and FUN for kids of all ages and the approved Door Bell Ditch game.

Start your own haunting with a fun neighborhood tradition – Halloween Booing! Your kids will love leaving secret “Boo” bags filled with goodies on your neighbor’s doorstep to get your street into the Halloween spirit. Then watch as eventually the whole neighborhood is Boo’d!

Here’s how it works:
1.Create a treat bag with treats of candies and chocolates.

2.Choose one of the two Booing poem styles, click here to print the poem and sign on the Hershey web site.

3. Secretly leave the goodies bag with the Booing poem and sign on your neighbor’s doorstep. Ring the doorbell and run to hide!

4.It’s now up to your neighbor to continue the Halloween Booing fun, and haunt the rest of the neighborhood.

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