Our Birthday Gift Pick – LEGO Games

Looking for the latest, hottest, funnest birthday gift? look no further the Novotny boys have discovered LEGO’s brand new constructible board games like you’ve never seen before. My boys can’t get enough LEGO into their blood. I know what will be on their Birthday list this year more LEGO constructible board games.

The Novotny boys were sent the LEGO Race 3000 game and found it to be adventurous, thrilling and non stop fun from the starting line to the finish line.

If you have a LEGO loving kid residing in your home you must check out the amazing LEGO constructible board games.

Choose from LEGO Creationary, Minotaurus, Monster 4, Lava Dragon , Pirate Code ,LEGO Race 3000, Magikus, Robo Champ, Hogwarts, and Ramses Pyramid . Each new LEGO Game features a variety of play experiences – guessing, strategy, memory, logic and chance – and offers a new way to play with the construction toy brand.

As with all LEGO toys, each LEGO Game provides everything needed to start building and playing right out of the box, including a customizable LEGO Dice, building instructions for children 6 to 12, separate game play instructions for parents and the recommended number of players, age range and play time indicated right on the box.

However, these games take the LEGO experience to a whole new level, encouraging children of all ages to change the rules and keep the game play going.

For The LEGO Race 3000 -Do you have what it takes to cross the finish line first and win the trophy? Use shortcuts, overtake or turbo boost past your opponents to get in front and change lanes to avoid the oil slicks in your way. The LEGO® Dice brings a new twist on a classic racing game for 2 to 4 players.

Want more adventure try the Ramses Pyramid, players must unlock the crystal coded layers to climb to the top of the pyramid and defeat the Mummy King Ramses before he takes over Egypt, taking his crown and the treasures buried deep within. A family game of memory, skill and cunning where players can compete against each other or team up to dethrone King Ramses!

Stop by the LEGO website and check out all the new game options and order a few for upcoming Birthday gifts….it will bring miles of smiles.

*We received a complimentary LEGO game for review no financial compensation was received. but my review and opinions are my own and the Novotny boys.

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