My Time Baking With Betty – Betty Crocker That is

Two weeks ago I was invited to fly to Minneapolis and spend the day baking in Betty Crockers kitchen with 30 other ladies. We had fun learning new baking tips, creating recipes in various stations and getting to taste many of the new products that will be in our stores this fall.

Tips I Learned:

– You can bake a cake in a bowl ( watch our upcoming Halloween Webcast for this creative idea).

– Place an Ice Cream cone upside down in your cupcake holder and it bakes right inside. Click here for this fun recipe.

– Mix cake sprinkles in your cupcake batter for tye-dyed cupcakes. Click here for recipe.

– Use a pastry brush to brush off the tops of your cakes and cupcakes to reduce the crumbs in your frosting when spreading it on.

– Using a metal pan is a better choice than glass pans when baking brownies

– Freezing your brownies for a few minutes makes it easier to cut them without all the crumbs.

Betty Crocker packaged cookie mix can be used to create other great cookie recipes. Click here for more recipes.

Bisquick is not just for pancakes. You can make crepes, coffee cakes, pizza crust and so much more. Click here for more Bisquick loving recipes.

My new Betty Crocker finds:

Easy Writer –
The Betty Crocker simple way to decorate cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Every mom needs a set of these in her kitchen. You can quickly write messages on cookies, cupcakes, cakes and even toast. Your kids will love these.

Watermelon Sugar sprinkles – If you have not seen these Betty corker flavored sugar sprinkles you are in for a sweet treat they not only come in Watermelon but apple and blue raspberry as well. It’s as if I’m turning snow cones into cupcakes.

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