MOM Tip- Simple Bithday Breakfast

Begin your Child’s special day celebration with breakfast

Sprinkle some extra fun on your child’s special day this year with a Confetti Birthday Pancake. Follow the simple instructions below to make this unforgettable birthday breakfast your family can share!

Confetti Birthday Pancake


· 3 Aunt Jemima Frozen Confetti Pancakes

· 1 sliced orange

· 1 sliced strawberry

· Whipped cream

· Sprinkles

· Birthday candle


1. Heat up 3 Aunt Jemima Frozen Confetti Pancakes and stack one on top of another

2. Decorate edge of top pancake with whipped cream

3. Add pieces of sliced orange on top of whipped cream – approximately ½ inch apart

4. Add a dollop of whipped cream to the center of the top pancake and top with strawberry slices

5. Add sprinkles

6. Place the finishing touches on your creation by adding a candle to the center of the top pancake

7. Make a wish!

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