Homemade Breakfast is Good For Your Body, and Your Wallet!

Amy Hannold, 247Moms Frugal Living Editor

Choosing to eat a breakfast of wholesome, affordable ingredients is good for your health and your finances. Eating breakfast will help you avoid drive-through and take-out snacking later in the day. When you fuel up before heading out, you’ll be thinking more clearly; better able to make good decisions and work effectively. Good food choices will contribute to better health over the course of your life, possibly saving you costly medical expenses.

September is “Better Breakfast Month”. Explore recipes which include protein-rich, energy-packed food choices such as eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit, beans, peanut butter, etc.

Here are a few steps to healthier, more affordable breakfasts:

Get ready for breakfast the night before: Set your breakfast table, slice fruit, peel hardboiled eggs, grate cheese, make waffles, etc.

Discover slow-cooker breakfast delights: Your crock-pot is the tool to use for cooking breakfast while you sleep. Oatmeal, fruit cobbler and egg casseroles ready by morning will save you time as well.

Invest in some re-usable breakfast containers: Avoid buying pre-packaged food items and be ready for mobile breakfasts all week. Divide the cream cheese into individual plastic containers, store tasty dinner leftovers, and make your own bags of “cereal trail mix”.

Buy oatmeal in bulk and prepare instant-oatmeal combinations from a variety of ingredients. You’ll save money and increase the nutrition of your oatmeal breakfast. For a great recipe – and a list of flavor ideas visit: http://everythingishomemade.com/2007/09/26/instant-oatmeal-packs/.

Blend up a Delicious Smoothie: Packaged yogurt and fruit smoothies are in stores – or you can create your own. Here’s a website which will keep you smoothie-slurping a new treat every morning: http://www.smoothieweb.com/.

Family participation: Preparation of this week’s “ready-breakfasts” can be a part of your Sunday family activities. Get the whole family involved in the finding of recipes, discussion of healthy foods, and the choosing of new foods to try. Create sliced and washed fruit bags for upcoming lunches – enjoy!

Use time and energy wisely: Prepare several breakfast-burritos or homemade waffles for your freezer during one cooking session. “Heat and eat” meals will help you keep your healthy breakfast resolution intact, even when you’re short on time.

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