After Summer Clean-up

by: Trisha Novotny

As I prepare to end our families last family vacation for the summer I am beginning to think about the after summer clean-up that I need too tend to once I arrive back home.

A few storage containers and some organization tips and I will be all set to clean up the summer after math of kids and long days of play as well as be ready for next years Summer fun.

Sun Screen
Time to toss out the almost empty bottles of sunscreen as they loose their effectiveness if they are expired or have sat out in the sun one to many days.

Beach Bags – What has accumulated in your beach bag over the last few months? empty out your entire bag then wipe out with damp cloth allow to dry before storing away. Sort and put away all the items from your beach bag .

Summer Clothes – As the weather begins to cool off I begin to change over my kids closets and dressers from summer clothes to their fall/winter clothes. Make 3 piles -To keep /pass down for next summer, – To consign or donate, – Toss ( stained and torn). Place the keeping piles into storage containers you can place on your children’s top closet shelves, place the to consign or donate clothes in a bag and take to the appropriate places, dispose of the to toss items.

Flip-flops – Wash by hand in lukewarm water with a mild liquid dishwasher detergent. Do yours need additional scrubbing? You can Scour them with baking soda and rinse. Store in your kids summer clothing bins.

Pool Toys – Get a big container with a lid to store all of your pool toys in. Begin by deflating and folding up all the blow-up pool toys, kiddie pools, empty out the beach bags and find the goggles, diving toys etc.

Summer Toys – Sand buckets, jump ropes, squirt guns, roller skates, balls, bubbles and chalk have all accumulated in our backyards from the day to day summer play. It’s time to gather them up and organize them so we are prepared for next summer. Get a big container with a lid to store all of your summer toys in.

Take Note: Make a “Summer To Obtain list ” so you are prepared for next summers pre-sales. Making note of items you will need for next summer from swimsuits, sunglasses, beach towels to new bottles of sunscreen and pool toys.

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