14 Simpe Dryer Sheet Uses

That box of dryer sheets sitting in your laundry room has more then one use. Here are 14 Simple uses you may never have thought of

Shower Cleaner – Use a dryer sheet to to dissolve soap scum from shower doors, and the tile walls. Clean the surfaces with a sheet.

Car Freshener Place dyer sheets in your glove box, trunk, under car floor mats and under car seats for a fresh smelling car.

Laundry Room Quick Clean – Use your used dryer sheets to quickly wipe down your laundry room collecting all the dust and dirt that often accumulates on top of our washer and dryers, inside our dryer drums, and on our counters.

No more bugs Place dryer sheets into your picnic baskets or place under lawn furniture to repel bees.

Blind Cleaning Close your blinds, then wipe up and down with a dryer sheet. Dust be gone.

Prevent Musty Book Smells – Insert a dryer sheet between the pages of your favorite books when storing them.

Smelly shoe solution – Place a dryer sheet into the smelly shoes and let sit overnight.

Paint Brush clean up – Place your used paintbrushes in warm water along with a dryer sheet and within a minute your brushes will begin being paint free.

ty from your television and computer screen.

Luggage odor eater – Prevent musty odors by placing a single sheet inside your empty luggage before storing

Pet Freshener –
Wipe down your wet dog or cat with a dryer sheet when they come in from the rain to freshen their fur

Hair Collector – Use a dryer sheet to wipe bathroom floors, counters and even furniture that may be collecting hair. One quick wipe and you are hair free.

What SIMPLE ways do you use a dryer sheet?

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  1. If I have a really messy cooking or baking pan, I fill with hot water and add a fabric softener sheet.I let soak 33 or 4 hours or overnight and the pan is so easy to clean almost like it cleans itsself.

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