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If your Children are like my Children they learn and love math through fun, visual, hands-on games and lessons.

Children fall in love with Zillio at first sight. The large colorful rotating structure is not only beautiful and exciting, but it is a powerful model of math based on two critical math concepts: times tables and number lines.

Combined, these concepts create the foundation for 10 essential skills to help children learn, use, and understand the math necessary to grow and succeed. And nothing is more rewarding than helping them along the way.

The Zillio math playgrounds (either the 3D Mountains or the 2D game board) set the stage. They combine visual, tactile, and kinesthetic elements to meet the learning styles of most children.

The educational games and lessons are a perfect balance of fun and powerful learning. Progressively challenging activities are based on standards for grades Pre- K through 6+ including counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, number lines, ratios, equivalency and algebra. It’s the learning that makes playing math really fun for everyone.

Find out why everyone falls in love with Zillio. Whether you are a parent looking for educational toys and games for you and your family to enjoy together, or an educator looking for a powerful math manipulative to help you provide instruction in a classroom environment and/or strategic one-on-one supplemental instruction, you’ll find what you need: educational games, standards based lessons and tutorials to help you get started today.

Mini Mountain

This Mountain measures 18” in diameter and 8” high and is easily portable. The maximum height reached (peak elevation) is 36. It is excellent for introducing and exploring even the most advanced concepts but it is more limited in developing fluency. The number of players varies by activity, from one to four. Hands-on activities and length of play are suited to beginning levels and skills as well as more advanced ones. Ages 4 to 94.

2D Playground

This colorful 2D version of our Mega Zillio can be used as a game board, a poster, and a worksheet. Perfect for 2- 4 students to practice math facts and or play games to develop problem solving and reasoning skills. It measures 24″ by 24″ and is laminated. It has a picture of the Mountain with multiples on one side and without on the other. It comes with instructions, 3 dice, and 1 set of 12 foam cards with tokens.

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