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Back to School and Back to reading… these books will engage them quickly

Aerial: A Spider’s Tale

Aerial, a young, orb weaver spider, is the “runt” of Spinnerellas’s spiderlings. He suffers rejection and ridicule from the residents of Spiderville because of his size and inability to do the sorts of things the other spiders do instinctively. When he runs away, Aerial learns how to rise above his limitations in a most unlikely place.

Aerial: A Trip to Remember

Two new characters, Springer, a jumping spider, and Trap, a trapdoor spider, join Aerial on an adventurous expedition into the wooded realm behind Spiderville. The three best friends enjoy an emotional roller coaster of new experiences, foolhardy fun, perilous risk, and the indisputable solidarity of friendship. Aerial, Trap, and Springer survive their action-packed trek into the woods rife with toads, snakes, and ants and are grateful to be alive to share their stories over and over again from the safety of their homes upon their return to Spiderville.

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