Help – My Kid is in a nut free class

The school bell rings and you find out your child has been placed in a NUT FREE ZONE and I don’t mean nutty kids I mean you have been the recipient of the letter – NO NUTS ALLOWED. This means no peanut butter sandwiches, no trail mix, no cookies with nuts, no peanut butter granola bars, no nuts period. This situation seems to be more and more common as our children journey their way through school.

So, now what do you feed your nut eating kids?

We found some simple ideas your nut free kids will love:

#1 has 15 Nut-Free School lunch ideas. Click here for all 15 ideas.

We loved this one –

#2 has a great list of healthy lunch ideas for Nut Free Zone classes.
click here for a complete list.

MAIN Entree

Bagel – Whole Grain, with Sun Butter or Cream Cheese

Beans – Black, Chickpeas, Kidney, Lima, Pinto…

Black Bean & Corn Salad in Lettuce Wrap

Veggies/ Fruit
Apple Sauce

Apples Slices


Other Side Dishes

Arrowroot Cookies (Mel Del)

Banana Bread

Buckwheat Cereal/Crackers

#3 – The Nut Free Mom blog has a great article on Peanut allergy and The Brown Bag lunch. Click here to read it now

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