Easy Ways to Save Money, Everyday

from: Amy Hannold, 247Moms.com Frugal Living Editor

Buy Off the Discounted Shelves: Grocery Outlet and other salvage grocery stores are great places to shop. Find one near you in the yellow pages or at: http://www.andersonscountrymarket.net/directory. When shopping, ask for a discount for floor models or somewhat damaged items.

Don’t Pay for Directory Assistance: Here are two numbers to call when you need 411, but don’t want to pay for it. Give them 90 seconds of your time, and you won’t get a bill for $2 or $3. (Your cell phone plan may charge you minutes for these 800-Numbers).

1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-373-3411 or 1-800-GOOG-411

Know Your Benefits: For nearly every organization you’re a member of, there are benefits to be claimed which will save you money. Examples of these would be: AAA, military, school (or home school) teachers, unions, banks, colleges, insurance companies, credit cards, medical insurances, employers, credit unions, alumni organizations, local parks and health departments, AARP, etc. A phone call or visit to their website may uncover a discount! Review statements and newsletters carefully for benefit notices and fine print. Don’t pay for “extras” that won’t be beneficial to you.

You can save on travel, shopping, health clubs, dining, memberships to other organizations/places, etc. When you’re considering a purchase, first research the selling company for discounts you may be eligible for with that particular business.

Shop at Home First! What you have brought into your home is like money in the bank. The contents of cupboards, closets, garages, and boxes may contain just what you’re looking for. Keeping a working knowledge of what you have will help you avoid duplicate purchases. Be creative! Meals, crafts, camping trips, gifts and party supplies may be found and transformed into so have something great. When you have a surplus of something, put the word out. You may find someone in need of those items who has something you need. Make a trade, save money and clear a shelf! The internet is full of websites which inspire using what you have, before buying more:


…and the website of your favorite magazine is an increasing source of free, frugal ideas for affordable creations.

Want a Form for Pantry and Household Inventories? Organizedhome.com has one – especially helpful is the Freezer Inventory (at a glance, “leave the door closed” search for dinner tonight!):


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