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Last week on 24/7 MOMS Live Tammy showed us her simple glass hurricane candle holder she made from the dollar tree. We found this simple tutorial to follow so you can make your very own for personal use and gift giving.

Today we are featuring 320 Sycamore blog and her dollar store version of Williams Sonoma Glass Hurricane on DIY Moms.

dollar store version of the WS glass hurricane

ETA: if you can’t find these supplies in your store, see this post

When I opened an email from Williams Sonoma a few weeks ago and saw this glass hurricane, it took my breath away:

photo from Williams Sonoma

Isn’t it gorgeous? I loved it.
So, of course it was on my mind. I wish I could empty my brain sometimes, but alas, it was smashed in there along with other useful tidbits of information that I want to remember later, like did you know you’re only supposed to run cold water in your garbage disposal to make it last longer?

Anyway! Stay on track, Melissa…
I was picking up some Christmas goodies at the Dollar Tree, and look what I found in the candle/glassware aisle:

Do you see where this is going?

First, remove the tags.

Then, take the candlestick, put some hot glue around the top rim, and place the hurricane on top of it, looking down into the hurricane vase to be sure it’s centered.

I love that the Dollar Tree has these hurricanes! Then, take your white skinny candle (next to the saints candles in the aisle), put some hot glue on that and stick it in the hurricane.

Then, go out and find some pretty leaves from a tree, or use fake ones. I chose to use brown, cuz that’s what William used, and it’s very Thanksgiving-ish
and let them fall gently between the candle and the hurricane

Trim your wicks down, light your candles,
and love that you spent only about 15 minutes, and $3 each, instead of WS $80 ones!

I’m not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, but wouldn’t these look lovely on your holiday table? Or as a hostess gift?
All of the supplies were at the Dollar Tree, but you could re-create it using supplies from Target, Walmart, Michaels, etc.
I noticed that Hob Lob had some glass candle holders that looked almost exactly like the Williams Sonoma bases, so for a few more dollars you could get closer to that look.

I can’t wait to change out the leaves for red berries at Christmas, spring blossoms in the spring, or lemon leaves in the summer.

*Stop by each week for our DIY MOMS feature. 24/7 MOMS will feature a DIY ( Do it yourself) project by a MOM each week.

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