The Parent Debate

Have you noticed that on the mom journey we have encountered many debates and I don’t mean debating with our children to go to bed or do their homework I mean from day 1 to breast feed or to formula feed, to use a pacifier or not,, the big schooling question public, private or home school, to allow my child to sleep over at others homes, how many activities to allow them to participate in, to provide my child with a cell phone and at what age, what movies they can watch what books they can read, at what age can they date, should they have their own car, and the parent debate continues on and on while raising our children

I often wonder if we have been pre-warned about the many debates, the many insecurities, the many trials and errors we would encounter as moms if we would have signed up for the position.

Today, I journey the debate of where my puzzle boy should attend school in the fall. Which school would be the best place for his success? I have loved our local public elementary school, the staff, the parents and their students. However, I can only question myself if it is the best fit for him. Are they meeting his needs? Would we find greater success in another school that is designed for children like our puzzle boy? Would our puzzle boy benefit by changing schools? Would we see rapid growth both is his academics and socially?

The Parent Debate….Making decisions without knowing what the outcome will be requires me to put my faith in God and trust that he will give us guidance and peace as we continue the journey.

What has been your biggest debate along the mom journey?

What are you currently debating?

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