APP Of The Week – Grocery Gadget

With Grocery Gadget and Grocery Gadget Lite, say goodbye to paper shopping lists! The Grocery Gadget shopping list applications for iPhone and iPod Touch are perfect for the household member who regularly shops at supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, office supply vendors, or any other provider of consumable goods.

Save time and money by preparing and managing reusable lists that are always at your our fingertips. Easily arrange list items in the same order you keep them at home, so you can quickly zip through your pantry, refrigerator, bathroom, laundry room, etc. and easily mark items for purchase.

Describe a list item in precise detail, by taking a photo that’s worth a thousand words. With the Grocery Gadget, you’ll create quick photo-enabled shopping lists that get you through the supermarket in record time; even if someone else has created the list.

Sign up now to create and manage your Grocery Gadget shopping lists. The Grocery Gadget portal allows you to build and manage multiple lists, upload photos, and sync lists across other iPhones, and iPod Touches…it’s that easy

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