10 Ice Cube Tray Uses

Today many of us have automatic Ice makers in our home refrigerators and gone our the days of making ice in the traditional ice cube trays. So what can we use those old fashion ice cube trays for?

Here are my TOP 10 ideas

Fruit juice Ice cubes – Pour your favorite fruit juice in the tray and place in freezer to make a summer treat for your kids.

Frozen Jell-o Ice pops – Click here for recipe

Lemonade Cubes – Pour lemonade into the ice cube trays and freeze then add to you glass of water for a refreshing taste.

Paint Holder – Pour a different color paint into each ice cube compartment for mess free painting.

Craft Organizer – Use to organize small craft supplies.

Dads work bench organizer – for all those nails , screws and misc tiny things.

Spices – Freeze your fresh garden spices for the winter by adding a bit of water

Cookie Dough – Scoop cookie dough into each ice cube compartment and freeze then pop out and n place into freezer zip bags. You now have perfect size cookies ready to bake.

Iced Coffee – Pour your left over coffee into each ice cube compartment and freeze you now can use to make your frozen coffee drinks with.

Jewelry – Organize and store your rings, earrings and necklaces into to keep them form getting tangled or lost.

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