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Every year, the cold and flu season has most of us vigilant of the germs we may contract whether traveling by plane, train or automobile; attending a sporting event or eating in a restaurant. This past year, however, with the pandemic H1N1 giving rise to even greater concern, more individuals are taking matters into their own hands, literally, whether it be through hand sanitizers, wipes or other means of protecting against the ‘super bugs’ including MRSA, staph, e.Coli and tuberculosis.

Adrienne Moore, Founder of Kehei Corporation (, refers to her medically proven hygienic seat covers as ‘cootie busters’. “Every time I sat on an airplane or in a taxi or even in a restaurant or sporting event, I couldn’t help but wonder who had sat there before me and what germs they had left behind–literally,” says Moore from her South Florida headquarters. “The more resistant and virulent the bacteria and viruses have become, the more I would think about it. It was time to do something.”

Moore called upon a group of medical professionals including Dr. Vladimir Livshutz, a board-certified Anesthesiologist with 30 years experience in assuring that his patients had the most sterile environment possible during surgical procedures. The team combined design and function by using Tea Tree Oil as an extra barrier against bacteria and viruses including H1N1.

The cloth seat covers can be used on any surface, adhere through Velcro fasteners to guarantee a perfect and secure fit regardless of the size of the seat, or its occupant, and are machine washable. “Frequently used modes of transportation, whether they are plane, train or automobile have an inherent risk of serving as a petri dish for communicable diseases and the skin is the first point of contact in contracting infection, ” says Dr. Livshutz. “No one is going to stop going traveling or visiting busy places, but a little bit of protection can go a long way to make sure that you don’t pick up the ‘latest’ infection and deliver it home to your family and friends.”

The product was the brainchild of Founder and CEO Adrienne Moore. Moore is an entrepreneur whose businesses span from construction to cosmetics. As a principal with Artisan Construction, Adrienne has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to the preservation of historic buildings. She spearheaded major renovation and restoration projects for some of South Florida’s largest and most popular hotels. Her interest in design as well as her background and commitment to eco friendly products is evident in her products which effectively and affordably maintain a protective barrier between the user and public seating.

Kehei Traveler seat covers can be used for infants or adults with a child friendly version known as the ‘Cootie Buster’. The covers can also be personalized for individuals, corporations or causes. Moore currently travels with specially designed and drawn covers that depict her commitment to helping to rebuild Haiti after the recent devastating earthquake and whose proceeds help fund the cause.

“Why bring home anything but good memories from an outing or a vacation?” says Moore.

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