Slumber Party Tips For Parents

June 26th is National Slumber Party day – Here are some great tips to use when hosting a slumber party or sending your child off to one from The Company Store

#1 – Keep all guests on an equal playing field. For ultimate party success, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because one guest received two cupcakes and the others had one.

# 2 – It’s never too early to teach your child how to be a good guest. Send them packing with a gift for the host that fits the theme of the party. (Cookies, cupcakes and snacks are always welcomed!)

# 3 – Game time is a must! Don’t forget to incorporate brain teasing games that will stimulate their mind.

# 4 – Monitor the computer. One wrong click on the internet, can lead to tons of inappropriate content for those under 21.

# 5 – If your child hasn’t quite conquered bed wetting, don’t forget to pack an extra set of pajamas. This could be the difference between cute and fashionable or simply embarrassed.

SAVINGS: As staycations become the vacation of choice, kids will celebrate National Slumber Party Day (NSPD) on June 26. For the event, Company Kids is offering 20 percent off for four days, to help parents create a summer getaway at home.

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