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Amy Hannold, Frugal Living Editor

Facebook is an excellent source of money saving coupons. For printable coupon updates and networking, join the Facebook group. You’ll meet other coupon users, and become more familiar with how’s printable can save you money. assistance is available through their Facebook group. Invite your Facebook friends to join you, and together you’ll be in-the-know as coupons become available.

Your favorite retailers and manufacturers likely have a Facebook group – join them for deals and updates! Follow your favorite places to shop, dine, and visit with Twitter – many “Twitter Exclusives” will save you money.

Want help with your spending and other money habits? is a valuable, free website. Find the credit card, loan or investment that suits your needs. Register for their free budgeting tools, including graphs to illustrate where your money goes – and tracks your savings for a particular financial goal. Join’s Facebook group to read consumer and expert information. Smartphone apps are available as well, from

Local Blogs: Your Source for Time and Money Saving Ideas Close to Home:

Find families and writers from your area (or a destination you plan to visit). You’ll be informed of what’s up, and where to go: Enter the city of your choice, or click on a state. When you’ve chosen a city, you’ll view local news, tweets, blogs, facts, community groups and more. Join an online treasure of a website, information on every subject awaits you!. You’ll meet local bloggers, interest groups, and be connected to those with similar interests.

Other Sources: Visit the website of your local and/or closest metropolitan area newspaper. Many newspapers are moving their content online, using bloggers. If they don’t have one, perhaps you’d like to volunteer! Radio and television stations have “consumer” sections of their broadcasts, the printed version is often posted online. Network television, such as MSNBC, CNN, and HNN have consumer/financial reporters who blog and post at the network’s website.

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