“Make the Days Count”: Balanced, Family Moments this Summer:

Amy Hannold, Frugal Living Editor

Thriving Family: Focus on the Family’s Fun Ideas for Teaching Biblical Principles:

For June and For July, you can spend 10-50 minutes a day creating memories and instilling biblical knowledge with your children. Submit your own ideas, and your creativity could be part of the August calendar:


Planning for “Out and About” and “At Home” Summer Fun:

Summer season flies by. Be sure your family enjoys all your community and neighboring communities have to offer by doing a little research now. Mark you calendars with upcoming events you don’t want to miss. Don’t over book yourselves, but do pencil in a few traditional events – and try a new day trip or festival.

Here are a few ideas:

Start with the website and office of your local tourism board or chamber of commerce. Contact local churches, recreation centers, and activity-centered businesses for upcoming events. Join mailing lists, Facebook pages and local blogs for “best and little-known” community treasured traditions.

Network with your neighbors and share your finds. Carpools, coupons, matinees, group rates, family subscriptions, packed picnic lunches and bringing your own snacks will save you money. For longer car trips, surprise your kids with “new to them” books and activities.

Peruse books, websites and magazines for fun “at home” projects. Collect the necessary ingredients. Utilize Facebook, Freecycle.org, Craigslist.org, and yard/garage sales to find affordable supplies. Encourage the kids to design their own themed activities. Older kids can map, research, and help economize family adventures.

Reserve and register now for activities and destinations which will be more expensive or booked later. Early registration and some advance planning time will save you money when you have time to shop around and utilize “money-saving”, frugal creativity.

Begin a summer notebook, with ideas and results of your summer activities. Three-ring binders can collect magazine articles and assorted ideas. Spiral notebooks make great planning and traveling companions – all of the information in one place.

Invite your friends, now for events next month. Make a weekly family date for creative fun, reserving a day for “Mustard and Ketchup” (Read: Must-do and catch-up) so that you don’t get too far behind with home tasks.

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