Got Picky Eaters – Get Creative: Gourmet Mom On The Go Ideas

– Think about what your kids are into and then create food that goes with that. Such as are they into Pirates- then create food dishes to go with a pirate theme or check out the Puppy ideas from Gourmet Mom On The Go ( below).

– Create a fun place for you kids to eat to go along with their interest. Hide outs, ships or a dog house ( below) like the one Gourmet Mom On The Go created for her Puppies ( kids).

Do you have a picky eater that loves puppies? Why not cook up these simple rice puppy chow bowls and fill wit their healthy main dish. You will be surprised at how quickly they gobble their puppy chow.

For the how to go – Click here to go to Gourmet Mom On The Go.

For added fun create a dog house for your puppies ( kids) to eat their for more details go to : Gourmet Mom On The Go.

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