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~There’s an App for That! New iPhone and iPod App Brings Stories to Life for Children~

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived two fathers who wanted to instill the love of reading in their children. They took one of the oldest forms of information—the book—and replaced it with the newest technology society has to offer—the iPhone. Now, kids and parents everywhere can read children’s stories on their phones. StoryChimes are interactive children’s stories available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new 2.0 version was just released.

About StoryChimes: Justin James and Nick Bonomo, devoted fathers, used their sharp wit and tech-savvy ways to create an iPhone and iPod Touch “App” that gets kids involved in reading, even if it is on a hand-held device. Their product, StoryChimes, came to life out of a desire to get children excited about reading again. These enjoyable and educational stories are brought to life by captivating narration with music and beautiful illustrations. StoryChimes invoke nostalgia by bringing back the stories of long ago that told readers to turn the page “when you hear the chime.” Titles include: Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Red Shoes and many more, along with books on numbers and letters. These books are perfect for kids just starting to learn to read; as well as, those who are on their way. StoryChimes are simple to download and only need to be purchased one time for only 99 cents each. In this world driven by technology, StoryChimes actually allows for dozens of books to be carried right in the user’s iPhone. Parents love this “app” because it is pulling kids away from TV or video games and engaging them in literacy. StoryChimes is also the winner of several awards that recognize excellence in family products.

Click here to go to Story Chimes website now.

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