4 Tips For Creating Lifelong Readers

Four tips to help Moms inspire their children to not just read, but to become an engaged, critical thinking, lifelong reader. And practices for reading development can be fun, and not a chore, for both parents and their children. These Tips are from Dr. Carolyn Jaynes, PhD

Teaching Kids to Learn to Love to Read:

Tip #1
Hunt for words wherever you are. Play “find the letter” games with your children in the car, at the park, wherever your day takes you.

Tip #2
Find ways to bring books to life. When you read aloud, “voice” the characters and add drama to the narration. Educational products like LeapFrog’s Tag Reading System can foster independent and shared reading time by encouraging children to bring books to life on their own.

Tip #3
Go on a rhyming treasure hunt. Help your child find items in the house or around the town that rhyme with a chosen object. Turn it into a song.

Tip #4
Play beat-the-clock. Help your child link objects to names by opening a book or magazine and asking her to point to and name as many letters, numbers, objects or colors as she can in 30 seconds.

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