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When you buy a loaf of Silver Hills sprouted bread, you’re getting much more than a loaf of great tasting, super nutritious, sprouted grain bread. You are sharing in the passion we have for giving you the best sprouted grain bread….a bread that will truly enrich your health.

From the founders who began baking the original recipe in a small British Columbia town in the 1980’s, to our bakers today who ensure that every loaf that leaves our bakery is the best it can be. Everyone at Silver Hills is dedicated to creating a taste experience that will change the way you feel about bread. Every step of the bread sprouting and baking process brings you one step closer to a slice of bread that we believe is the most nutritious and delicious you’ll ever eat!

At Silver Hills we have teamed up with people who feel the same as we do about producing the very best organic, sprouted grain breads and doing everything we can to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. We get our wheat from an organic farm that runs on energy from the wind. Our bread is made from organic grains, seeds and other pure, clean ingredients. Our bread dough starts from only sprouted whole kernel get a slice of bread that is pure nutrition – not a bunch of fillers and additives. Instead of grinding wheat, we sprout it in a unique 36 hour process. We then press the sprouted grains and they become dough – no need for flour!

At Silver Hills we truly believe in giving our customers only the best organic, sprouted bread products possible – made from pure, simple, clean products. Silver Hills products do NOT contain preservatives, oils, stabilizers, emulsifiers or anything that is genetically modified.

All our breads are made with vegan ingredients, are Kosher certified and our bags are biodegradable, that’s helping in our efforts to leave a cleaner environment for future generations. We have a commitment to the health of our own children and grandchildren, and we believe in sharing these values with everyone who chooses Silver Hills bread.

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