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If your kid has been begging for a pet, but you know that you’ll be the one who ends up taking care of it, Wild Creations has the solution. The company’s best-selling EcoAquarium comes with two African Dwarf frogs that are both simple to take care of and fun to watch. Just ask my two boys they have become amazing EcoAquarium owners.

Wild Creations’ unique EcoAquariums provide all of the benefits of a large aquarium environment in a small, easy-to-maintain aquarium. Each EcoAquarium is a complete aquatic ecosystem environment that requires no additional chemicals, filters, or aeration. Just feed the
frogs twice a week and change the water every three months using fresh, bottled spring water, available at any grocery store.

EcoAquariums are available in two styles, Classic (4”x 4” aquarium) and Jewel (6”x 4” aquarium). Each starter kit comes with two African Dwarf frogs and includes their choice of a handsome wood or black plastic base and frog food, the Classic Starter Kit is $30 and the Jewel Starter Kit is $39.99. EcoAquariums are also available without wooden base and frog food: $19.99 for Classic style and $29.99 for Jewel style. EcoAquarium Classic Starter Kit

The company shipped more than 1 million African Dwarf frogs nationwide last year, and the
EcoAquarium won a coveted nomination for the 2010 Toy Industry Association Specialty Toy of the Year. The EcoAquariums have proven to be a new favorite pet for kids, and even adults are joining in on the fun—putting the little ecosystems on their desk, in the house, or anywhere that needs a little life and whimsy.

Wild Creations, best known for its award-winning EcoAquarium™, is eager to expand young minds with smart ways to play! The Myrtle Beach-based company is grounded in an understanding of the interconnection of the earth and the cosmos with a profound reverence for animals, plants, soil, water and air. This reverence toward life is the basis for how the company conducts business and the basis for choosing the organizations they support including The Sierra Club, The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. Wild Creations also supports the Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board by providing employment opportunities to individuals with special needs.

At its online store,, customers from teachers to parents, are assured of discovering the best products and receiving the finest service before and after the sale. Find Wild Creations on many social media networks – Facebook and YouTube.

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Wild Creations are giving away one Classic EcoAquarium starter kit.

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