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For those who are overwhelmed by clutter, and having difficulty finding things at home and at work, this book offers tips for the busy mom. Award winning author Rosalie Maggio designed the book to help bring clarification and organization into the lives of the disorganized and the frustratingly disorganized. She writes that disorganized people may be dramatically reducing the enjoyment factor in people’s lives.

The tendency toward disorder has the ability to keep people from accomplishing their goals. THE ART OF ORGANIZING ANYTHING includes tips and solutions that, if applied, can reduce stress, increase a person’s efficiency, and buffer out the rough patches for a more streamlined lifestyle, including:

* Put 10 essential organizing principles into practice – The “keep this, toss that” basics for your desk, your books, your files, mail, and ephemera.

* Manage professional, personal, and family time – organizing isn’t just about knowing where your tax papers are filed, it’s about knowing what’s on your plate and making sure you have enough energy and resources to reach your goals. Organizing your office is also about knowing when to say no to some new venture.

* Create and maintain an organized home – So your family doesn’t undo all the brilliant organizing you’ve just done.

* Organize the work space and office email – Think being organized is just about your desktop? Get all the emergency and family phone numbers in your cell. Clean out your blackberry. Dump the apps you don’t use anymore.

Packed with lists, tips, shortcuts, advice, and inexpensive solutions, Maggio can talk about a methodology that can create a more leisured, productive, and enjoyable life.

24/7 MOMS and Author Rosalie Maggio are giving away one copy of THE ART OF ORGANIZING ANYTHING.

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