TOP 7 Summer must have’s in the Car

With Summer just ahead and our vehicles about to hit the road for traveling or local driving kids to summer activities and fun we began to wonder what are the TOP items a mom needs in her car for summer car survival?

So, we asked you our 24/7 MOMS, Facebook friends and Twitter followers what the TOP items you the MOMS say are the MUST haves in your car this Summer.

Drum roll please…..and the TOP items are:

1. Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes/ paper towels

2. Snacks / Water bottles

3. Flash light

4. Toys

5. Extra Clothes

6. Stories on CD / books/ DVD’s

7. First aid kit / Emergency road kit

And the humorous must have tips : Patience, sanity , sense of humor , Whip and Duct Tape

TOP MOM Tip: from Bernadette P.

I have a medium sized plastic box in the trunk that contains ‘just in case’ items and the contents change every month but there is always diapers with changes of clothes, a full can of formula for the baby and those single serve packets for everyone else, and the 3rd is books and activities for everyone. I always have a camera everywhere we go and keep 1 in the car…you never know what you will see.

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