Plan, Prepare, Play all Summer Long

In less then 6 weeks the final school bell will ring for this school year and my children will be ready for a fun filled Summer.

I look forward to Summer with a less hectic schedule, sleep in days, lazy days and time to create family memories.

However, as the MOM I also know if I don’t plan and prepare for the days ahead I may just hear “Mommy, I’m bored” more that I want to or that the memories of fun adventures with my kids won’t happen unless I plan it

Which is why I use the 3′ps to create a fun filled Summer – Plan, Prepare and Party.

Plan –

Step 1 – Gather – The first thing to do is start a folder or binder for Summer. As you begin to come across all the fliers, ads and information of upcoming summer activities, events camps , fun ideas etc. place them in the binder or file.

I find many of these fliers and information at my local library, kids schools , church , local newspaper, parent magazines, city chamber of commerce, even tourist books for our local area.

Be sure to also go online and begin looking up ideas and what things are planned in your community and what free things there are to do, search staycations and backyardcation and daycation ideas that interest you. Also ask your Husband, kids and girlfriends for their ideas as well

Step 2 – List – Next, in the planning process after going over all the things that you have gathered, create a list of the things you would like to do with your kids. The staycations, backyardcations, and of course Vacations also the events you would like to attend , things to accomplish and teach my kids, Camps and VBS, activities your kids have asked to participate in etc.

Click here to download and print the 24/7 MOMS “Family Fun” Planning sheets

Step 3 – Schedule it – Next, print out the monthly calendars or use one you already have – begin filling it in with the things from your list.(don’t for get to look and see what else you have already on your calendars). Write in all the events and things you want to attend. Remember you are in control of your calendar. Summer should be relaxing and fun. Not stressful.

The key here is to NOT over book we want there to be plenty of lazy days and free time to also be spontaneous .

Choose the things on the list that would be the MOST desired to do or attend.

Also, look at the budget and how much money you want to spend when it comes to camps and activities.

Prepare –

Now you have come up with the ideas, you have scheduled them on your calendar, it is time to take action on them by getting prepared.

Get organized by making lists – To Do, To Obtain, To Go, To Call etc.
Make your reservations for camping and traveling
Register for Vacation Bible schools ,camps , activities etc.
Buy needed tickets to events
Plan a time to shop

Play –

Now it is time to PLAY all summer long with some Staycation and Backyardcation ideas:

Click here to download and print the full 24/7 MOMS Summer idea list

Daycation Ideas:

Visit local Parks. How about a picnic or a scavenger hunt while you are there. Do a progressive park visit – once a week go to a different park or on one day visit 2 or three.

Zoo, Aquarium or local Farms


Putt Putt Golf

Imax or outdoor movie or drive in

Bicycling, Ice Skating, roller skating or roller blading

Plan a day hike

Explore The CITY – which ever large city is near you

Children’s Museum and/or Museums

Visit state parks – Find a state park (here’s a list of all U.S. state parks with a lake and beach.

Swimming at local indoor or outdoor pool

Click here for MORE Staycation ideas from 24/7 MOMS.

Backyardcation Ideas:

Use national celebrations:
June 27th…is Happy Birthday Song Day….Celebrate with cupcakes
July 3rd National Hot Dog Day. Serve hot dogs
Aug 7th National Smile week…but new toothbrushes.

Turn your home/backyard into a spa

Plant a garden…even in a pot

Buy kiddie pool, above the ground pool, slip and slide and/or sprinkler

Art Day- bring out the water colors, paint and paper.

Create a “water play” area with plastic pool of water

Make Bubbles

Click here for more Backyardcation ideas from 24/7 MOMS

Now you as a mom know the 3 P’s a creating a fun filled summer
Plan – Prepare and Play all summer long…..

Do you have SUMMER fun ideas email ( ) them to us or leave a comment with your fun ideas.

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