MOM Tip – New Kids Sonicare Toothbrush

MOM Tip : Bring fun, ease and improvement to your Child’s daily teeth brushing with the new Sonicare For Kids .

FINALLY is the best way to say it. For years my husband and I have been using Sonicare toothbrushes, wishing there was an option for children. So while shopping at Target recently I was handed a money saving coupon during check out for a new Sonicare For Kids I was ready to yell FINALLY!

Finally my two youngest could have their own Sonicare’s
Finally a toothbrush I trust to assist my children in their oral health
Finally a toothbrush worth the money
Finally a toothbrush that even made the tooth brushing experience FUN.

Oral health seems to be of particular concern as more than half of us parents struggle to get our kids to brush for the dentist recommended two minutes. Sonicare For Kids comes to the rescue with a new way to make daily tooth brushing more effective…and fun! This innovative power toothbrush, designed for kids ages 4-10, incorporates patented sonic technology and has features such as the KidTimer to extend brushing time each day until kids reach the recommended two minutes. The unique KidPacer plays musical tones to indicate when to begin brushing another quadrant of the mouth, and interchangeable design panels allow your kids to choose a style that’s all their own.

These features can help us educate our kids about the importance of oral health during daily routines in a fun and memorable way. If you are one of the 60 percent of parents who struggle with getting their children to stick to morning and nighttime routines, simple steps like guiding them on proper brushing techniques can make every one’s schedule a bit more manageable.

Follow the simple ABC’s of Sonicare For Kids and in no time your kids will be reminding you when it’s time to brush:

A: Advise your kids on the importance of oral health—just as milk makes for strong bones, brushing makes for healthy teeth and gums

B: Brush your teeth with your kids and make it fun

C: Create special moments with your child after brushing, extending this time into your daily routine

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Sonicare and received a free Sonicare For Kids toothbrush to facilitate my review.”

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