Get Ready, Get Set to Unclutter: “Give Your Stuff Away Day”, Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amy Hannold, 247Moms.comFrugal Living Editor

Get Ready, Get Set to Unclutter: “Give Your Stuff Away Day”, Saturday, May 15, 2010

In neighborhoods across America, next weekend, you could see sidewalks full of usable stuff. If you’ve not yet heard of Give Your Stuff Away Day, this is your opportunity to start what is sure to be an anticipated even in your community.

We all could de-clutter, in one or more areas of our lives. Give Your Stuff Away day is the day to gift what you have that you don’t use to someone who could use it. Think of it as your chance to clear closets, corners and drawers of usable stuff. Unclutter your life! Look forward to spring and summer days of less “mess-stress”. has ideas on how to start the exchange of treasures, guidelines for participants to follow, lists of prohibited and acceptable items, and more. A Facebook group has been started, invite your friends and make it a social affair:

Should your neighborhood or housing area not approve of “curb” exchanges of free stuff, consider a public park, gym, center or other area. Advertise through social networks, flyers, schools, daycares, etc. Start a tradition of sharing and caring – just think of the new friends and finds you could be blessed with!

Other great networks to Give (and Find) Good Free Stuff:

Find a group in your area which lists and offers free stuff:, or search for a “Free Classifieds” Yahoo group in your area.

“Free Stuff Exchanges” Make Great Friends n Boredom Busters:

Get a group together to coordinate a “Book, Clothing or Toy Exchange”. It’s a great “Open House” or “Get to Know the Neighborhood” social activity. Consider an exchange as a possible boredom buster! You’ll get out of the house, acquire some new playthings for the kids and make new playdate buddies. Establish guidelines, publicize, organize donated inventory, and recruit some help. It’s fun too!

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