Family CRAFT Night

Many of us have held Family game nights in our homes, how about a family craft night?

Children love to be creative and what a fun way to spend time together as family building and creating crafts together.

As a little girl I can remember our family deciding to build a miniature doll house and we would spend hours working on our project making real shingles for the roof, cutting out wallpaper and carefully gluing it on the walls, adding in our own creativity. The hours and hours we spent working on this are a wonderful childhood memory of family time spent together for me.

Have fun and connect with your kids with creative activities.

How to host your own family craft night:

1. Decide if you will work on one group project or offer multiple projects or even a free for all.

2. Put a date on the calendar as to when you will have your Family craft night.

3. Make a list of the supplies you will need to purchase or gather from around your house for your family craft night.

4. Let your kids know either that you are planning a craft night or that you have a fun family surprise night you are planning.

5. Shop, Gather and set-up- being prepared is the key to a successful family craft night.

6. Connect as you create – asking your kids opened questions allowing them to talk and share there life with you.

7. Remember this is a family craft night not a mommy make perfect craft night allow them to create in their own way NOT yours.

* NOTE: family craft nights are also the perfect time to make gifts for family, relatives and friends.
Family Craft night Ideas:

Check our these web sites for fun and creative ideas for Family craft night.


Crafters 4 kids


Styrofoam Crafts

Family Fun

DLTK Crafts


Where do you find fun craft ideas for Family craft nights?

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