End Of The School Year Celebration Ideas

Be the COOL Summer mom with one or more of our end of the School year celebration ideas.


Countdown Calendar: Make a big calendar to hang on the wall for the last month of school. Have your child write down things she wants to do when school is over and then add some of those very things into the calendar and show her that school days and fun days don’t have to be separate.

At School

Decorated lunch bag – on the last day of school decorate a paper sack with markers saying things like “Last lunch of the year” – “Happy Last day of 4th grade” you could even use a colored handle gift bag and use ribbon to keep it closed.

T-Shirt fun – create a last day of school T-shirt that their friends can sign using fabric markers. You could even doll it up with iron on transfers that you place pictures from the year on or cute sayings.

Book Signing- Purchase either Dr. Seuss ” oh, the places you will go” or Curious George ” On your way” books and have your Children’s teacher sign it each year until they graduate from high school then present it to them as a keepsake from their school years. ( You can start this tradition at any grade).

Bus Stop Celebrations

Greet your child or all of the children with a balloon

Greet your child or all of the children with a Popsicle

Create a large banner and allow the children to run through sign as they exit the bus.

Mom and Me

Take your daughters for Pedicures

Take kids out for ice cream either right after school or after dinner

Go shopping for swim suits or flip flops/sandals

Go out for a movie, or putt putt golf

SURPRISE – treat them each year to a fun “school’s out” activity. Give them clues before leaving home. (I.E.-Movie, putt golf, local activity part, laser tag, Chuckie Cheese) Change up each year for an added surprise, invite friends.

Kick off the Summer Party

Host a neighborhood or friend party (send out summer themed invites such as on beach balls or message in a bottle)

Water gun fight and balloons

Rent a jumpy house and serve simple food

Host an outdoor treasure hunt

Watermelon eating contest’

Give “Celebration” Gifts (stuff you will buy anyways)

Beach bag filled with summer items

Beach towel with items tied to it ( sunglasses, flip flops, book)

Reusable water bottle for summer with their name on it

Flip flops

Sunglasses, sunscreen or lipstick with spf 15 or higher

Gift card to McDonalds , bookstore, Jamba juice etc.

Spa kits for DIY night ( Do It Yourself)

Bubbles for younger ones or sidewalk chalk.

New swim suits


Water toys

Kiddie pools

Life vests

Picnic Celebration

Have a picnic at your kids’ school on the play ground

Take a Picnic to a local park

If all else fails –picnic in the backyard


Have graduation theme music playing when they arrive home

Make a sign that says welcome home ( 4th grader); put the grade they will be entering in the fall

Family MOVIE night- bring TV outside and have a home “drive in”

Sleepover outside under the stars.

Summer Reading Fun

Take kids to the library to check out books for free and get them their own library card.

Go to half price books or thrift store to purchase used books

Take kids to local bookstore and purchase a NEW summer reading book

Don’t forget magazines, comic books or crossword puzzles for FUN reads.

Special Eats/Treats

Special Breakfast in the AM smoothies etc

Make homemade ice cream or Popsicles

Sno cones

Make “grad hats”- mini peanut butter cup, top with chocolate graham cracker and add fruit leather as tassel

Make favorite summer lunch/dinner (hot dogs, hamburgers and s’mores)

Special dinner – decorate table (celebration style) and serve special dessert

Serve chocolate dipped strawberries, fresh fruit salad or fruit kabobs

Bake favorite cookies and serve fresh out of the oven.

Backyard Surprise

Create SPA experience, lounge chairs, water with lemons

Set up badminton, crochet or other favorite outdoor game

Set up slip and slide, squirt guns or water experience

Decorate party style with balloons, streamers and cake

Reorganize the backyard with new outdoor toys (check thrift stores).

Morning After- celebrate the first day off from school

PJ day- stay in jammies all day

Eat sugary cereal

Throw or put away all items that resemble school (papers, lunch boxes, school clothes)

Go out for a morning breakfast or brunch

Drag out summer clothes

Rearrange bedroom- give it a new feel

Celebrate “extended bedtime” (I.E. move bedtime 15 mins. to 1 hour).

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