App Of The Week – iRewardChart

iRewardChart allows parents to monitor their children´s behavior and to reward them accordingly. When kid´s do as expected they receive a virtual star. Upon collection, these virtual stars are redeemable for rewards specified by both parties beforehand. For example, a set number of stars amounts for a trip to the zoo, whereas another would lead to a cash reward. You can also personalize the tasks, a great idea is adding positive moral values such as “sharing” and “being tolerant with others”, so children strart practicing them from an early age and noticing that life will also reward them for that.

One cool feature to note is that iRewardChart allows you to add a passcode for the app so the kids can’t go in and sneak some extra stars while you aren’t looking. Another great feature is it´s social media integration, you can show off your kid´s good behavior with your friends and family through facebook and twitter!

This app comes in two different versions: free and premium. The main difference lies in the fact that the “lite” version allows you to monitor only one child.

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