America’s First Mom Congress

America’s First Mom Congress

From: laurendrell | May 07, 2010 |

Two years ago, the editorial staff at Parenting magazine conjured up a pipe dream: a Mom Congress, during which moms from around the country would get together and share best practices and advocacy strategies for schools. Two years later, amidst reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, that dream became a reality. Fifty-one moms convened in the nations capital to meet with educators, advocates and nonprofits to formulate a Lesson Plan For Change for our nations schools.

It was an incredible two days of inspiration, equipping and meeting some of the most passionate moms across our country who together are working at making a change in our eduction system. It was a privilege and an honor to join Parenting magazine, George Town University and the50 additional moms at the first MOM congress.

Watch this video clip and get a feel of what MOM congress 2010 was all about.

Be a part of the MOM Congress click here to join now:

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