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EAT CLEANERTM consumer and commercial products are laboratory-tested and proven to remove up to 99.9% of pesticide residues, waxes and dirt that can carry bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce. EAT CLEANERTM also removes surface debris from seafood and poultry and effectively cleans food preparation and cutting surfaces to help deter cross contamination. Additionally, EAT CLEANERTM helps inhibit food browning while prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce.


Effectively removes pesticides, waxes and dirt that can carry bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce. Also removes surface debris that can carry bacteria from seafood and poultry.

Inhibits browning of light fleshed fruit and vegetables and prolongs shelf life, helping consumers save money

Safely cleans countertops and cutting surfaces around uncooked produce, seafood and poultry.

Does not alter the natural flavor and smell of foods and leaves no residue.

Available in a ready-to-use spray and innovative wipes.

Low-impact packaging featuring recyclable plastic bottles, compostable substrate and concentrate refills.

EAT CLEANERTM is a complete line of consumer and commercial solutions, including:

Ready-to-Use Fruit + Vegetable Wash // Concentrate Fruit + Vegetable Wash Refill: Just spray and soak for 2 minutes, then rinse.

Ready-to-Use Seafood + Poultry Wash // Concentrate Seafood + Poultry Wash Refill: Just spray and soak for 2 minutes, then rinse.

Grab ‘n Go Fruit + Vegetable Wipes: Cleans the surface of fruit + vegetables without the need to rinse with water. Encourages healthy snacking on the go.

Wash + Dryer Kit: Features EAT CLEANERTM BPA-free ‘wash + dryer’ to clean and dry produce plus 4 oz. Fruit + Vegetable Wash Concentrate and an EAT CLEANERTM

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and eat Cleaner are giving away one set that includes

1 bottle seafood and poultry cleaner

1 bottle fruit and vegetable cleaner

1 Grab-n -Go pack

Enter for your chance to win:

Click here to watch The Eat Cleaner video, answer the three questions below the follow the instructions to enter to WIN

Name 3 things Eat Cleaner removes from fresh food that water can’t.

On average, how many sets of hands touch fresh produce before we eat it?

Does organic produce need to be washed with Eat Cleaner and why?

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