Say "CHEESE" – Tips on Taking Pictures Of Your Kids

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– Find unique area’s that compliment your style such as nursery’s, farms, barns, etc.

– Use a toy that makes noise so that you are able to distract your child.

– Some of the best props can be found at your local thrift store and even in your own home.

– Don’t take pictures in full sunlight, instead try to find a shaded area. This will keep your children from squinting in the pictures.

– Try not to have a lot of distractions in the background so that your photo will focus on the subject.

– Use coordinating colors for photos, especially family photos.

– Try to take natural poses of your children as this is the way you will remember them.

– Buy a zip drive to store your photos; a computer crash will take away your cherished memories.

– Try to have another person with you to help distract your children.

– Take pictures of your children during their happiest time of the day. Taking pictures during nap time or lunch time makes for a touchy session.

– Be patient and the captured moments will happen.

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