Movie Review – Oceans

It’s the weekend and possibly you are looking for what fun to do with your kiddos.

Karen Pecota our newest member to the 24/7 MOMS team and our official 24/7 MOMS official film journalist has given us a great review of the new movie “Oceans” it opened in theaters and is waiting for your family to attend.

Oceans* * * *

In celebration of Earth Day 2010, Walt Disney Studios with DisneyNature pictures releases on the big screen Oceans. This visually stimulating account of the earth’s water coverage, its creatures and inhabitants only adds to the quality of Disney’s creative expertise.

Walt Disney, founder of Walt Disney Studios and Productions, felt that nature provided the perfect stage for the worlds most interesting stories to be told. The production of his educational films made in the 50s supports the ideal theater venue not only with facts from the animal kingdom but also with human resources and natural history, equally significant.

There is much of our earth’s ocean still to be discovered but what we do know, we can celebrate and Oceans gives us that privilege. DisneyNature presents the ocean stage in brilliant color and splendor that mesmerize both the young and the old audience. Today’s skilled technology in cinematography allows us to see up-close-and-personal how creatures live above and below the deep as if in co-habitation. In conjunction, the tools used for transmitting sound enables us to listen to strange communication and noises that accompany the life at sea. Oceans takes the audience one step closer to a thrilling marine ride without getting wet and countless opportunities for family discussions of what populates our vast ocean both deep and wide.

Review by Karen Pecota

24/7 MOMS official film journalist

Released in local theaters: April 22, 2010

Movie rating: G

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