Keeping it Simple – Healthy eating for moms on the run

by: Trisha Novotny

Record It – keep a food diary where you record everything that you eat during the day. This helps you to realize what exactly you are eating during the day A great website is A place that you can track food and fitness. It will also give you a plan. Give you the calories,fat,carbs,protein and burn this much to reach your goal. Also – it is free!!!

Portion it – Portion size is key – use a smaller plate. Stop using the large dinner plates fro ever meal. Eating several small meals instead of 3 big ones.

No Skipping – Don’t skip breakfast – start with a healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism, even drinking a smoothie is better then nothing

TIP: Try pink grapefruit for breakfast. It packs 25 times more beta-carotene than its paler cousin, and it’s usually sweeter. Pair it with a cup of oatmeal topped with an ounce of chopped almonds or a quarter cup of dried apricots, and you’ll have a complete breakfast with about 7 grams of fiber, a third of the daily recommendation.

Hydrate – Always keep water with you. Don’t add a sugary, calorie-rich drink to your meals. Water is good for you. Drinking a large glass of water with your meal will help you feel fuller earlier.

Be Prepared – Always keep ready to eat veggie in the fridge cut up and ready

Stock your car with bottled water and healthy snacks. Buy a small portable ice chest to take your snacks and lunch for on the go. Have a small snack before the cravings hit and you’re less likely to stop for fast food.

Hold it – Hold the Mayo it can add up to 100 calories or more. Stop drowning your salad in dressing by asking for it on the side and only add in enough to add flavor.

Avoid that afternoon slump – Eating between meals can keep your energy up and your weight down . Choose snacks that combine carbohydrates with protein for a pick-me-up that lasts. Such as: carrots and hummus, apple slices and peanut butter, or cheese on whole wheat crackers. Because peanut butter, hummus, and cheese are high in fat, it’s best to limit your daily servings of these.

Choose a frozen fruit treat – For a quick and healthy sweet snack, wash seedless grapes, put them in a zip-top bag, and toss them in your freezer. Freeze other fruits as well.

Fast FOOD – Eat at deli-style fast-food chains where you can order a sub or sandwich on whole wheat bread or a wrap, a lower-fat and lower-calorie option than fried food. Also ask for 1/2 the meat, 1/2 the sauces etc. Taste the same with less calories.

Everyday Exercise – Take the stairs, park further away. Try going up and down your stairs more than once for each trip. Do your squats while drying or curling your hair.

Snack with 100 or little more calorie snacks:

A few examples:

An orange and a few dry-roasted nuts

10 cashew nuts or 10 almonds

One medium Banana

1 cup fresh strawberries of ½ frozen

Dried apricot halves, cooked, unsweetened, 1/2 cup

1/4 cup fat-free ranch dressing with mixed raw veggies

6 Wheat Thins crackers with two teaspoons of peanut butter (or any nut butter)

1/2 cup frozen orange juice, eaten as sorbet

3 handfuls of un-buttered popcorn, seasoned with herbs

Frosted Mini-Wheat’s, 1 ounce (about 1/2 cup)

100 calorie packs of snacks sold pre-packaged.

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