“How to Find the Perfect Fit in a Bathing Suit”

I know what you’re thinking – gulp – is it already time to go bathing suit shopping?

How do we find the perfect fit in a bathing suit?
6pm.com has some helpful hints that can help you get ready for the challenge.

First of all, 6pm.com says you’ve got to “Size Up the Situation” – figure out what parts of your body you like to feature, and be honest about what areas of your body you may wish to remain anonymous to the general public. If you still haven’t found any that catch your attention then consider taking a look at these body shaping bathing suits

Once you’ve identified the above, here are some helpful hints:

Hint 1: Dark Colors & Prints – Remember that darker colors recede, making your silhouette appear smaller, and loud prints attract attention and make you look bigger – you need to decide what effect you’re going for – and then work it!

Hint 2: Cup Runneth Over? – Cleavage can be sexy, if it’s under control and supported correctly. Under wire tops or suits designed for long torsos that may provide extra material where necessary.

Hint 3: Never Been Busted? – You’re in luck – because many suits come with perfectly comfortable padding, bejeweled or even ruffled – all that can give the illusion of a larger bust! We must, we must, we must increase our busts!

Hint 4: Cute ways to conceal Tankini, which minimize the waist, and playful skirts are the ideal way to accentuate all your positives, arms, legs, bust-line, but also do a fantastic job covering the areas many of us which to keep under wraps – including that stubborn muffin top and the frustrating Gluteus Maximus.

Hint 5: Are you ItsyBitsy? Whether you were blessed with a swimsuit models body, and workout like a crazy woman to keep in shape, select a bikini that fits “just right” – shows off your best assets, and is the case with bikini’s – that means pretty much ever inch of you! Just remember, you must wear a bikini with confidence! You got it, feel free to flaunt it sister!

Hint 6: Size Does Matter: Order or try on swimsuit one size up than your normal size. When a bathing suit is too tight, the edges cut into your body creating bulges where you’d rather no one look. When a swimsuit fits a little looser, the skin is squeezed less and creates fewer unwanted bulges.

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*We received a complimentary swimsuit for review from 6pm no financial compensation was received.

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