Baby Days Giveaway -WIN: The Cars N Kids Car Seat Monitor.

The new Cars N Kids Car Seat Monitor is Leading the way to make Kids Safer in Cars!

What is a car seat monitor? You know that beep or bell you hear when you didn’t put your seatbelt on or when you didn’t turn your headlights off. That’s what the car seat monitor is all about! Did you ever wonder why the back seat where your child sits, the most important person you will ever have in your car does not have that same protection.

So did we! And that got us thinking! When our kids were little, I was always looking in the back seat;are they still there; did I forget to put them in the car or did they get out! We are all concerned parents and it’s really nerve racking when we can’t see them in the back seat. Add to that the news reports of children inadvertently forgotten in cars or injured in a crash when they got out of their car seat. The fact is that 42 kids have died this year alone from accidents of this nature. We knew we had to fix it!

How it works. When you place a child in their car seat the monitor automatically turns on because it senses the weight of the child. Whenever the car stops, a lullaby will play, letting you know your child is secure in their car seat. It takes about 4 seconds after stopping for the lullaby to play, which is how long it takes you to stop your car, take the keys out of the ignition and start to open your door. The idea is that you hear the lullaby before you exit the car. This way, you don’t forget your child is in the car before exiting it. Also, if they get out of the car seat while your driving, beeps will sound to let you know your toddler is on the move.

The Cars N Kids Car Seat Monitor. Aids in the prevention of injury or death of a child from not being restrained during a crash. Also aids in the prevention of a child being forgotten in a car. Best of all, this wonderful new product provides peace of mind to you the parent or caregiver that your child is secure in their car seat.

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