Affording Luxuries – How to Live Well, For Less

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By Amy Hannold, Frugal Living Editor,

Coffee and Tea

If you’ve got to have your coffee, and you want to support your local baristas, map your course. Chart who’s doubling stamps when, and where the “happy hours” are. On your Smartphone or in your glove box notebook, have a list of deals of the day and you’re on your way to having your coffee and saving money too. Organization Tip: Utilize a small index card box to keep all of your punch cards and coupons at the ready, not lost along the way.

Dining, Spas, Favorite Community Attractions and More is the place for “Collective Buying Power”, in many cities across the country. Register and you’ll receive the Groupon Deal of the Day for your city. Alerts, Facebook group, Gift Certificates and more are also available.

Fashion, Home Décor and More

Join and you’ll know where the best deals are for all of those extras. Check out their “Affordable Luxuries” blog to read what others are finding — and share your own “good deal alerts”. Quick recipes, checklists, and home-living tips are also found here.

Share Your Talents for a Treat

Within your circle of friends, there’s someone who bakes homemade bread, sews, paints beautiful nails or loves to bake fancy desserts. Offer to exchange their work for something they would enjoy. Not only will this serve as an affordable indulgence, you’ll hone your talents as well.

What Have You Heard?

Keep your eyes and ears open to upcoming sales in your neighborhood. Build a network of deal-seeking friends, whether it is on Facebook or via email. The best deals are often unadvertised – and the early shopper gets the best, for less!

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