7 Keeping It Simple Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Lights Camera Action Thanks – Create a Movie Time gift with the 24/7 MOMS pop corn wrapper. Add a movie gift card and your gift will be well viewed.

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This Book Belongs to- Personalize the 24/7 MOMS Teacher bookplates for each of your Children’s Teachers. Add either kids age appropriate books for their class room or one for the teacher to read to complete your gift.

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Pop Bottle Fun – This fun gift always gets the question “How did you get the items in the bottle?” Simple.

You will need:
one empty and rinsed out pop bottle
various small gifts from lotions , gum, gift cards etc.
solid color paper
crinkled paper confetti
curling ribbon
cut out shape such as medal, apple, school bus etc.

Empty out an rinse out the pop bottle and remove the label

Using a box cutter or other knife cut an opening in the middle area of the bottle- cut open a hole like a door, cutting three sides of the opening. This is where you will fill the bottle

Once it is filled with your gifts you will cover it with the new label you make with the colored paper. I printed the label from my computer using fancy fonts. Then cut it to size to wrap around the bottle covering the door (hole) I made.

Once all is sealed and labeled you can tie curling ribbon and your cut out tag to the bottle. I wrote Thank you in the cut-out tag.

The bottle Label I crated says
Bottled Especially for
Mrs. Smith

By the Novotny Bottling Co.

Gig Harbor, WA


Summer Fun Kit – Who doesn’t love a new beach towel to kick off summer with. Pick-up a few wimple items at your local variety store to create a fun Teacher summer kit.

Beach towel, magazine, sunscreen, candy treat.

Place the folded towel on top of the magazine. Place candy in a clear cellophane bag and tie with curling ribbon. using curling ribbon tie all 4 items together then take a 2 inch think matching ribbon and wrap around the items then tie into a bow.

Meal in a Bag- Add a little fun to a special breakfast treat or lunch that you deliver to your Child’s teacher with this colorful idea.

Obtain a small gift bag, coordinating, silverware, plate and matching ribbon. Fold the napkin over the bag and punch holes so you can they attach with the ribbon. Tie the silverware on with the ribbon. Next add in the food and beverage items for the teacher meal then top of with a matching plate as seen in the picture.


Treats for Teachers –
Sweets given in a simple personalized container are fun to give. Add vinyl or rub on letters that you can purchase at craft stores and place on a candy jar or container. Such as ” Mrs. Smiths Treats”




Memory Jar –
This makes a fun class project for children to give to their teacher. Purchase a large jar with lid, add letters to it using stickers, cut-outs or rub on’s. Then cut stripe of colorful paper to then give to the children in the class to write their favorite memory of their teacher or why they like their teacher. then place them in the jar to give as a class appreciation gift.

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